The Newtown Charities Coordination Committee has been set up to help provide people with a way to help our town, our schools, and our families connect as a community after the tragedy of December14th. has been set up to provide transparency and a central location where people can find information on charitable funds and organizations and details how to contact these funds.

This website does not represent any endorsement or sponsorship on the part of the committee or the town for any of the organizations listed, but is simply a compiling of organizations which have been established that have shared information with the committee. This is not a complete list of all charities and funds created, only those discovered to date. The committee has not vetted, audited, or validated the charitable status/legitimacy of any of these organizations.

How do I receive available funds?
In light of the tragic event of December 14th at Sandy Hook School, the Office of Victims Services has been working closely with organizations in the community to provide services for several programs providing financial support to those most directly impacted by the tragedy. The instruction below outlines three such programs and how community residents can reach out and apply for assistance:

United Way/Newtown Rotary Immediate Needs Fund:

  • Call (860) 990-1984 and provide proper documentation
  • A simple screening process has been established
  • Should be prepared to show official documentation of missed work or a decrease in income
  • Provide copies of household bills such as mortgage/rent, utilities, and groceries

Office of Victim Services - Witness Fund:

  • Fill out a one-time application for each applicant
  • Submit bills to OVS when expense are incurred (limited to $2,000)
  • No time limit as to when expense are incurred over the lifetime of the victim

Office of Victim Services – Sandy Hook Workers Assistance Program:

  • Fill out a one-time application for each applicant
  • Going forward submit a salary history of the last 52 weeks before the date of mental or emotional impairment or to the date returned to regular duty for lost wages
  • Must provide itemized bills of mental health services including any prescriptions required

How do I make a donation of goods or services?

The town is always grateful and appreciative of donations of goods and services. We have developed a process to get these goods and services to those in town who can best use them.  If you are interested in donating goods and services to the Town of Newtown.

This form will help us to better manage your donation, and how best you feel it might be used.

Once we collect this information, we store the information in a central computerized system, the items are tagged and the assigned department can then see the item. If the item or service can be used, the department will contact you.  The process is newly underway, so please allow two (2) months potentially to hear back from the Town. Currently town departments are working through a large backlog of items. As always we appreciate your kind generosity.

Some examples of departments/groups that receive donations:

  • Families of the lost loved ones
  • Board of Education
  • Sandy Hook School
  • Town Library
  • Parks and Recreation
  • First Responders
  • Social Services
  • Health Department