Our Community

"Newtown is a place that loves children above all. Families move to Newtown because we are a safe and loving community and because our schools are nurturing and high achieving. We will prevail. We are moving past hurt and tragedy to hope and vision – never to forget our lost loved ones, but to rebuild on their memory and in their honor.”


Today I am pleased to launch onenewtown.org, a website dedicated to the Town’s path forward. This site is meant to bring information regarding the recovery together in one place. It is different from the Town website which focuses on the town’s business. This site provides informational and inspirational topics as we move through our healing process.

Onenewtown.org is focused on connection and communication. In this context, connection means being engaged with one another and sharing experiences that refresh and inspire us; to provide transparency and promote community participation. Communication is about the importance of sharing timely information about the recovery.

I am inspired everyday by our progress in Newtown, with our resilience and that we have a path forward to recovery. This website is just one way we hope to inform and inspire. We will continually refresh content on the website and look forward to your suggestions and feedback. Feel free to click the feedback button below to make any recommendations, ask me questions, or give story ideas.

Stay well and we look forward to hearing from you.